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    • 05 Aug 2020
    • 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM (EDT)
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    • 12 Aug 2020
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Join us for our VIRTUAL August lunch meeting! 

    One in five Americans experiences a mental illness every year (47.6 million people). Another 8.4 million people in the U.S. provide care to an adult with a mental or emotional health issue. This has a $1.93 billion impact to our economy annually in lost productivity. HR Professionals are on the front lines of this health crisis in workplaces around the country. This presentation explores the most common mental health conditions, how they may manifest in the workplace, and how to help employees and supervisors during this difficult time. Learn how to be a resource for your organization.

    Key learning objectives or key “takeaways” for the Presentation:

    1. Know the statistics and learn the basics about the most common mental illnesses
    2. Understand how mental illness impacts the workplace (absenteeism, lost productivity, culture, and health costs)
    3. Become aware of resources and best practices to help employees

    Meet Your Presenter

    Eve Sweeting, SHRM-CP, PHR

    Eve Sweeting, HR Analyst with Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners, has over a decade of experience as an HR professional in private and public sector organizations. She holds an MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University and an MA in Adult Education with a concentration in Human Resource Development from the University of South Florida. Eve is an active member in the HR community having served on the board of Charlotte County SHRM for seven years including a term as President in 2012, on the HR Florida State Council as Diversity Director for three years, and a two-year term on SHRM’s Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC). She is also a proud volunteer for many organizations in her community including Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement, and the United Way. Eve was named the HR Florida Volunteer of the Year in 2018, and grateful to be part of the team that earned a prestigious SHRM Pinnacle Award in 2018 for HR Florida’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts. Eve is honored to be in her first year as the HR Florida State Council Awards & Recognition Director.

    Cost for Students: $10 

    Cost for Members: $10 

    Cost for Non-Members/Guests: $10 

     Please RSVP by Wednesday, August 11, 2020.


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15 Apr 2020 April Lunch *WEBINAR*- Fighting for the Best Talent? Culture is Your Secret Weapon! - Presented By: Elizabeth Krystyn
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24 Mar 2020 Lunch and Learn WEBINAR - Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Presented by: Suzanne Boy & John Potanovic
11 Mar 2020 March Lunch Meeting - 5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement **& Workshop** - Presented by: Tom Topping
18 Feb 2020 February Lunch Meeting - Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent - Ten Ways to Ensure You Have Great People - Presented by: Rich Williams
08 Jan 2020 January Lunch Meeting - How to Conduct Workplace Investigations - Presented by: Denise Wheeler Wright, Esq.
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11 Sep 2019 September Lunch Meeting - Moving Beyond the Transactional and Embracing the Ambiguous to Achieve the Transformational - Presented By: Dr. Shellie Halstead, Ed.D., SHRM-SCP, PMP
26 Aug 2019 SHRM SWFL Welcome Reception at HR Florida
14 Aug 2019 **NEW** August Lunch Meeting - WORKSHOP!
14 Aug 2019 August Lunch Meeting **AND Workshop** - Don't Let the Gray Hair Fool You, I'm a Millennial: Secrets to Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce - Presented by: Tom Topping
10 Jul 2019 July Lunch Meeting - Creating A Culture of Wellbeing - Presented by: Dr. Pat Fuller
20 Jun 2019 Active Shooter Preparedness Training
12 Jun 2019 June Lunch Meeting - Compensation Strategies to Recruit and Retain the Best Talent Presented By: Martina Young
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17 May 2019 18th Annual Tri-County Conference - HR Excels - Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
10 Apr 2019 April Lunch Meeting - The Courage to Lead – Why Courage is Critical to Leadership and How to Use It - Presented by: Rebecca Bratton
26 Mar 2019 Q1 Networking & New Member Welcome Event!
13 Mar 2019 March Lunch Meeting - 2019 Case Law Update - Presented By: Suzanne Boy
13 Feb 2019 February Lunch Meeting - Passive Job Seekers: How to Hire Them, How to Retain Them - Presented By: Justin Libak
16 Jan 2019 January Lunch Meeting - Learning from Best in Class Employers - Using Bench-marking Data Analytics to Attract and Retain Talent - Presented By: Nicole Negvesky, GBDS
12 Dec 2018 December After Hours Meeting & Holiday Dinner -Take Flight with DISC… Which Bird are You? - Presented By: Gary Eskin
14 Nov 2018 November Lunch Meeting - Understanding the ROI of Employee Financial Wellness - Presented by: Brian Sauls
19 Oct 2018 3rd Annual Supervisor's Conference
10 Oct 2018 Christmas in October Silent Auction and Lunch Meeting
20 Sep 2018 Q3 Networking & New Member Welcome Event
12 Sep 2018 September Lunch Meeting - Negotiate Your Best Possible Price - Presented By: Connie Chiara, President & CEO
26 Aug 2018 SHRM SWFL Welcome Reception at HR Florida
15 Aug 2018 August Lunch Meeting - Transforming Your Employee Experience into a Culture of Engagement - Presented by: Jennifer Gunter, SHRM-CP, PHR, RPA, GBA
11 Jul 2018 July Lunch Meeting - Workplace Investigations in the #MeToo Era - Presented by: Vicki Sproat
28 Jun 2018 Q2 Networking & New Member Welcome Event
13 Jun 2018 June Lunch Meeting - Talking ‘Bout my Generation….and Yours: Understanding Colleagues Quirks and Tools to Maximize Multigenerational Relationships - Dr. Doni Landefeld, Ph.D.
04 May 2018 17th Annual Tri-County Conference - HR University - Where learning never ends!
11 Apr 2018 April Lunch Meeting - How to Build a Better Employment Brand - Presented by Chad Voris, News-Press Media Group
22 Mar 2018 Q1 Networking & New Member Welcome Event
14 Mar 2018 March Lunch Meeting - 2018 Case Law & Legislative Update - Presented by Christina Harris Schwinn
14 Feb 2018 February Lunch Meeting - "The Dating Game" - Presented by Jim Gallo, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR
10 Jan 2018 January Lunch Meeting - The Emotional and Physical Benefits of Humor in the Workplace - Presented by Yvonne Conte
13 Dec 2017 December After Hours Meeting & Holiday Dinner - Behavioral Coaching Model - Presented by Steve Gaudreau
08 Nov 2017 November Lunch Meeting - Recruiting Time Machine! Presented by Justin Libak and Chad Voris, News-Press Media Group
03 Nov 2017 2nd Annual Supervisor's Conference - Presented by HR Leadership and Training Management Professionals
11 Oct 2017 Christmas in October - Annual Silent Auction and Membership Meeting
27 Sep 2017 Fall Networking & Membership Appreciation Event
21 Sep 2017 **CANCELLED**September After Hours Meeting - She Partied Like a Rock Star...Now What? - Presented By Jenni Stone
13 Sep 2017 September Lunch Meeting - Supporting Your Employees in the Reserve and Guard - An HR Toolkit - LTC Roger Trout (USAR-Ret)
09 Aug 2017 August Lunch Meeting - Performance Feedback: Time to get off the Hamster Wheel - Presented by Jim Gallo, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
12 Jul 2017 July Lunch Meeting - Negotiating for Mutual Gain - Presented by Dr. Marilyn Marousek
14 Jun 2017 June Lunch Meeting - Social Media and HR - Presented by Jeremy Pilarski
01 Jun 2017 Spring Networking & Membership Appreciation Event
19 May 2017 16th Annual Tri-County HR Conference - Riding the Waves of Change
19 Apr 2017 April Lunch Meeting - Medical Marijuana and Its Impact on the Workplace - Presented by John Potanovic
05 Apr 2017 Attracting the Passive Candidate - Presented by Justin Libak, News-Press Media Group
24 Mar 2017 Internships In Your Business Workshop
10 Mar 2017 25th Annual HR Law & Soultions Presented By Henderson Franklin
08 Mar 2017 March Lunch Meeting - 2017 Case Law & Legislative Update - Presented by Christina Harris Schwinn
14 Feb 2017 February Lunch Meeting - The Perspective Directive: Discovering Your Motivation - Presented by David Horning
11 Jan 2017 January Lunch Meeting - Building a Better Appraisal Program - Presented by Ken Johnson
14 Dec 2016 December After-Hours Meeting & Holiday Dinner - Leading from the Heart - Presented by Mark Kolack
09 Nov 2016 November Lunch Meeting - 401k Fiduciary Responsibility - Your New Role - Presented by Graham Lucht
21 Oct 2016 Supervisor's Conference - Presented by HR Leadership Professionals
19 Oct 2016 Christmas in October - Annual Silent Auction and Membership Meeting
13 Oct 2016 How to Build a Better Employment Brand - Presented by Justin Libak, News-Press Media Group
21 Sep 2016 September After Hours Meeting - Cracking the Millennial Retention Code - Presented by Thembi Buthelezi
14 Sep 2016 September Lunch Meeting - Behind the Scenes of the Union Organizing Drive: Secrets Released - Presented by Keith Peraino
25 Aug 2016 Summer Networking & Membership Appreciation Event
10 Aug 2016 August Lunch Meeting - Wellness & Leadership - How Can Ancient Yogis Teach Us to Be More Productive in a Changing World - Presented by Karen Gomez
13 Jul 2016 July Lunch Meeting - Lead Yourself First: Simple Practices to Make You a Better Leader - Presented by Dr. Doni Landefeld
08 Jun 2016 June Lunch Meeting - Emotional Intelligence - Our Other Intelligence - Presented by Claudia A. Monte
20 May 2016 15th Annual Tri-County HR Conference
21 Apr 2016 Strategic Breakfast Seminar - Identity Theft...Nothing is Private Anymore - Presented by Carrie Kerskie
13 Apr 2016 April Lunch Meeting - Business Communications in a Transparent Age - Presented by Joyce Chastain
09 Mar 2016 March Lunch Meeting - HR Case Law & Legislative Update - Presented by Christina Harris Schwinn
10 Feb 2016 February Lunch Meeting - Securing Your Legacy - Presented by The Ramazio and Jacobs Group at Morgan Stanley
21 Jan 2016 Strategic Breakfast Seminar - Mitigating Financial Exposure - Presented by Christine Sensenig, Esquire
13 Jan 2016 January Lunch Meeting - Motivation Based Interviewing 101 - Presented by Carol Quinn
09 Dec 2015 December Holiday Party and Meeting, with Guest Speaker Yvonne Conte
04 Nov 2015 November Lunch Meeting - EEOC: Recent Developments and Guidance
14 Oct 2015 Christmas in October - Annual Silent Auction and Membership Meeting
09 Sep 2015 September Lunch Meeting - What Diversity Initiatives Are Working?

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